Funturf Subscriptions

Funturf offers the following types of subscriptions to our members and they public

Benefits of Corporate membership

  1.  Team building amongst the organization`s staff. This has been proven time and again that it boosts productivity at work

  2.  Increase in Physical fitness of your staffs, thereby making them mentally and physically alert

  3.  Networking with other corporate clients. Our growing profile of corporate and social members make our facilities a venue for meeting the right people and increasing everyone's win-win situations

  4.  Company name & logo on Funturf's profile

  5.  VIP invitations to events, tournaments, programmes arranged at Funturf facilities nationwide

  6.  Special discounts rates for the use of Funturf's facility

  7.  Display of company banners & flags while team play

  8.  Opportunity for corporate sponsorship for Funturf events

  9.  Branding opportunities at good rates

What is included!

  1.  3 hours playing sessions weekly

  2.  One bottle of water each for all your players

  3.  Bibs

  4.  Footballs

  5.  Game officiating officials

  6.  Competitions

  7.  Shower and changing room

  8.  Lounge for relaxation

Funturf is one of the brands owned and managed by Bespoke Events Management Company Limited.

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