Partnership with Funturf


Funturf partners with various organisations to promote 5 aside football in Nigeria. The partnership involves the sponsorship for our various products. It usually involves Branding and Sponsorships.





Sponsorship opportunities available to corporate organisations include:


  1.  Branding of the football pitch with panels, etc

  2.  Branding of the entire facility, including the pavilion (premium)

  3.  Sponsorships of tournaments and competitions.

  4.  Branding of the jerseys/kits of all players

  5.  Full sponsorship of the Funturf Club

  6.  Sponsorship of the next Open Trials

  7.  Partnership with Funturf International to set up and run a Football Academy.

  8.  Special events - Funturf International 5 aside football challenge




Benefits of being a major sponsor for our 5-Aside Competitions:


  1.  Sponsorship title name (Tournament bears the sponsors name) 

  2. 70% venue branding 

  3. Coverage both in print and electronic media 

  4. Lead role for the Event 

  5. Special VIP invitations for sponsor's guests for finals 

  6. Medal and trophy presentation to the winning team 

  7. Sponsors logo as backdrop for all teams photo sessions 

  8. Sponsors name and logo on Funturf profile 

  9. After party venue branding 

  10. Branded exhibition stand to showcase sponsor's product and services 

  11. Branding of teams jerseys for the finals


Some of our Corporate Members


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